Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

We appreciate that your privacy is important to you and SUNNYPACK will continue to protect the personal information you entrust to us.


SUNNYPACK is committed to protecting your personal information and we agree to comply with the National Privacy Principles (NPPs) set out in the Federal Privacy Act and administered by the Federal Privacy Commissioner.

Why does SUNNYPACK need your information?

The type of information we collect from you will depend on what SUNNYPACK’s products and services you use. When you become a SUNNYPACK’s customer or member you will need to provide certain details so that we can establish and manage your customer account. This includes information such as your name, contact details and information for identification purposes. We may also require information about your premises in order to assist with the delivery of SUNNYPACK’s products.

Use of Information by SUNNYPACK

SUNNYPACK may use your information for purposes which you would reasonably expect, such as managing your account, billing, contacting you or providing customer support.

What information will SUNNYPACK disclose?

The information we collect from you is strictly confidential. SUNNYPACK will not disclose your personal information to any third parties, other than those who are contracted to us to keep the information confidential.